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About us

Italian Wedding Videographers

We’re passionate and expert video-makers with professional equipment and proven experience in the wedding sector.

Leading the team is a director with a diploma from the New York Film Academy who, in addition to weddings, also makes commercials and creative productions.

We’re based in Piedmont, very close to the Langhe (Unesco World Heritage area)


Heart and Emotions

To create a Wedding Film that’s moving and captivating, the secret ingredient is the heart.
The Nozzedafilm team will bring passion to sharing your experience of your wonderful day, becoming part of your world through empathy, and capturing moments of pure joy with enormous sensitivity and discretion.

Only those who are moved succeed in conveying emotion.


Your wedding, turned into a film

With cinematographic editing and meticulous attention to detail, the Nozzedafilm videographers create masterpieces of taste and romance, focusing on the spontaneity of bride, groom and guests.
We don’t ask anyone to pose, because we believe true beauty lies in free expression.

Italian Wedding

The legendary Italian-style wedding is today renowned all over the world

People come here from all over the planet to celebrate their special day in grand style, finding in the Bel Paese the extraordinary venues and elegance typical of an Italian wedding.

The creativity of video-makers is also part of the expectations of foreigners who marry in Italy, immortalising the event with style and passion.

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Available in Italy and abroad for weddings of any faith, civil and symbolic ceremonies and civil weddings.

A wedding film as a gift!

A wedding film as a gift!

  • What present can the witnesses give the couple?
  • Are you looking for a really special gift for your son or daughter’s wedding?
  • Want to impress the bride and groom with a truly original present?

If you want to give them something that will last, something wonderful, a wedding video is the gift for you!
It will allow them to relive all the emotion of their special day, even years later.

LGTB Weddings

love is love

Civil unions. Nozzedafilm believes in love and the freedom to experience it.
Our operators will be delighted to bring their enthusiasm and discretion to the celebration of same-sex weddings, turning the special day into a wonderful film. Preparations, ceremony, party…
Every moment is unique and never to be repeated, and deserves to be immortalised.

What they say about us

Here are some reviews from our happy couples:


A dream, a fairytale. We couldn’t have entrusted our special day to more professional directors! Excitement, joy, emotions; you did an incredible job! We’re so happy to have found you, we can never thank you enough for giving us a beautiful and permanent souvenir of our wedding day! Heartfelt thanks.


They were simply fantastic. We couldn’t have asked for more: discreet, polite, friendly, professional, punctual and attentive to our needs. We’d recommend them to absolutely everyone. the end result is truly worthy of an Oscar.


Simply the best! We were struck by their professional and joyful way of working; we couldn’t have made a better choice. The video is simply magnificent, the most exciting day of our lives encapsulated in twenty minutes, each more moving than the last. Every time we watch it, it’s like reliving that amazing day. Thanks to all, you were incredible and super friendly. Choose and you’ll see, the happiest day of your life will be turned into the best souvenir you could possibly desire.


Our wedding was an extremely intimate affair. There were only forty of us! We were all Brazilians, some (including the photographer) spoke no Italian, but this wasn’t a problem at all. They handled it brilliantly. We were married in the rain, and it was all… improvised! Again, they adapted perfectly. Thanks again for the amazing job you did! Watching the video is like reliving the happiest day of our lives. And I’d like to add something else. I’m a very private person and I struggle to feel at ease; I was actually quite nervous. But I was worrying for nothing! I felt really comfortable. And the guests felt comfortable too! We were even complimented by the owners of the restaurant! You’re a great team! Heartfelt thanks!


We got married on 10 July 2021... and a couple of months later our video was ready. You’ve helped us to relive our special day: we laughed, cried and were moved. Simply, thanks, because we’re sure that years from now this video will move us just the same. High-level professionals. Congratulations, truly. Highly recommended.


A name, a guarantee... Nozzedafilm!
A few days ago we collected our wedding video… and it was like reliving the day! A film packed with details and emotions… they took on board everything we wanted and encapsulated it in the video. They listen to and carry out the couple’s desires, making a film that’s dynamic and unexpected. Professionalism and empathy. We’re super satisfied!


We got married on 09/09/2017, and it was a fantastic day (apart from the weather!). We put our trust in Nozzedafilm for the video, and we couldn’t have made a better choice: the guys were competent, well-prepared, imaginative and helpful, and we hardly noticed their presence all day long; they worked discreetly to capture the key moments. Highly recommended, and also punctual and meticulous with delivery of the result!


Simply this: we couldn’t have wished for more! All our needs and expectations were fully met. From the very first meeting. Discretion and professionalism. Delicacy and attention to detail. Incredibly friendly and helpful. And the result: a video we never tire of watching, and which moves us every time, because it lets us relive our day to the full! We show it to our friends and relations with great pleasure, and there are always plenty of compliments for the outcome. Without a shadow of a doubt, we can only recommend Nozzedafilm to all future couples!


Brides and grooms, don’t hesitate. I’m usually awkward, shy and avoid cameras, and on our wedding day there were 2 operators working on our video. But I felt I was among friends. Wonderful people; friendly and, above all, they know how to put you at ease! I'm extremely satisfied, the result is spectacular and really feels like a film. My husband was unsure about making a video because he thought it would be static and not very creative, like most wedding videos. But he had to think again! Keep up the good work, guys, you helped us to relive wonderful memories we’ll never tire of watching!

Answers to frequently asked questions

When should I get in touch with you?

On average, it’s advisable to book our services about a year in advance. When you contact us by phone or email, we’ll check the availability of our video-making team for your wedding date. Then we’ll arrange a meeting with the bride and groom, for a conversation and to show you some of our previous work. We’ll listen to your stories and ask you to tell us about the wedding of your dreams. We’ll outline our proposals and, if you agree, draw up a contract.

How may operators and how many hours of work? 

For every event we supply 2 video-makers for the entire wedding day. In agreement with other providers (wedding planner, photographer, make-up & hair stylist, music, restaurant, catering, venue, entertainment etc), we agree a timetable for the day to ensure hassle-free and optimum proceedings for all and the best possible results.

How long before we can see the finished video?

A maximum of 6 months from the date of the wedding. We’ll make a trailer lasting approximately 2 minutes and a film lasting around 20 minutes. Every creation will be shown to the couple, and can be modified on request.

How do you present the finished item?

Your videos will be presented in an elegant white box containing the trailer and the film on a branded Nozzedafilm USB stick.

Do you have drones for filming from above?

Of course, we have professional drones and ENAC-licensed operators. Aerial shots give the wedding film an extra special touch, because they show a different perspective. Fabulous sunset views and stunning panned shots over beautiful venues make your video even more amazing. For the use of drones, the necessary safety conditions must be in place.

Do you do photography too?

The work of the photographer and the video-maker are certainly similar, but they don’t overlap. Nozzedafilm specialises in the production of videos and therefore we don’t offer photography services. Nozzedafim operators work alongside the photographer chosen by the couple, according to their preferences.